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Presentation Title:   Enhanced Spatiotemporal Support for Moving Objects
Primary Speaker:   Mark Ashworth
Bio:   Mark Ashworth is an Honours graduate in Computer Science and has worked on Spatial Database issues from his days as an Undergraduate. Mark was intrigued with emerging extensibility standards in SQL and he has been an active member in ISO for the development of ISO/IEC 9075 (SQL) and ISO/IEC 13249-3 (SQL/MM Spatial) since 1993. As ISO Project Editor for SQL/MM Part 3: Spatial, he has shepherded this standard through 4 editions. Mark joined the Informix team in 1999 and has focused efforts on indexing and spatial. He is lead engineer in the development of the DB2 Geodetic Extender and the Informix Basic Text Search index with XML extensions. Recently Mark has taken on the role of Extensibility Architect overseeing most aspects of extended functionality in Informix.
Unleashing the power in STS in 12.10.xC7 with new
functionality, flexibility and scalability. STS can now
detect when vehicles stationary or the period of time when
there is no data in the case where they are parked
overnight or going through a tunnel. Subtracks can be
built in parallel or by TSL and can fragmented across
dbspaces for more scalability. In the new version
supports more parameters to control how subtracks are built
and allows the GPS data to be stored in BSON value within
the TimeSeries.
or Panelists:
Mark Ashworth