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Presentation Title:   Hybrid Databases - More than just Hype?
Primary Speaker:   Shawn Moe
Bio:   Shawn Moe is a long time Informix’er, having worked in a variety of roles over 16+ years with the product family. He is currently based at the IBM lab in Lenexa, Kansas and serves as an architect at large in the Informix Competitive Technologies team, looking at SQL compatibility, application development, and tooling support in and around IDS. Recent Informix assignments have included postings in quality assurance, migration tooling, and most recently, with the Optim Data Studio product family.
Hybrid databases are still on the increase on Gartner's Hype Chart. What is
the good and the bad? We'll discuss various definitions of hybrid and then
discuss Informix hybrid support. We'll also discuss several customer use
cases where this type of technology has worked really well.
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