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Presentation Title:   Query Acceleration at Light Speed - IWA is not just for Warehouses!
Primary Speaker:   Sandor Szabo
Bio:   Sandor Szabo, an IBM Certified Professional, manages the IBM Informix Development team in Munich. He has been developing Informix products since 1987. Sandor's main focus areas are IBM Informix Dynamic Server under Linux, Backup and Restore, and High-Availability Data Replication and Data warehouse features in Informix
Because of its name - Informix Warehouse Accelerator - many Informix users don't think IWA can be used for OLTP applications. IWA is a general purpose QUERY ACCELERATOR, which runs your queries at the speed of your memory! Learn how many of our customers are using IWA and see if it can also help improve your query performance.
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