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Presentation Title:   How does HDR work?
Primary Speaker:   Jacques Renaut
Bio:   Jacques started working for Informix in March of 1993 in front line support. He quickly moved to the newly formed down system group in Lenexa and then onto the Lenexa based Resolution team in 1996(renamed to the APD team when IBM acquired Informix). Jacques has been performing that role in Informix support since then.
Overview of HDR and updatable HDR secondaries, covering a number of topics...including HDR threads and their functionality, HDR logical log transfer mechanisms (asynch vs synch), HDR pinging and ping time-outs, smx time-outs for updatable HDR (and how it interacts with HDR ping time-outs), OS level TCP/IP configuration which can impact HDR, and network performance and its impact on HDR.
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