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Presentation Title:   Support collection tools
Primary Speaker:   Cary Wahlmeier
Bio:   Cary became an Informix employee in Nov. 1995 and started with Front-line support specializing in On-Line 5. Cary then joined the Advance support Team a Year later specializing in client support issues. Cary was hired as the IDS QA Architect in 2005. Re-joined support as an APD team member in 2010. Cary specializes in Client application and API support.
If you are unfortunate to experience an issue on your system, then it can be useful to be prepared and know what collect to assist Informix Technical Support in determining possible causes. We will cover various scenarios and detail some tools and Informix options to run. We will discuss things such as ifxcollect (and how to modify) and also discuss a basic wrapper to collect details before, during and after an event. Other items will be things like catalog dumps, process mapping, profiling, stack collection, sqli tracing, process tracing and network tracing. Many of these are being discussed within the remit of looking at possible problems related to the Informix engine, but the theory and use can be applied to non Informix situations.
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