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Presentation Title:   High Availability using HDR and Connection Manager
Primary Speaker:   Mike Walker
Bio:   Mike has been using Informix for 20 years as both a developer and DBA. Mike has developed and supported large data warehouses and has experience with the Informix Warehouse Accelerator. Mike heads up the Remote DBA service offered by Advanced DataTools, monitoring and providing support to Informix customers.
This presentation will show how a simple High Availability solution can be implemented using Informix HDR and Connection Manager. Aimed at those considering implementing HA or new to Informix, this presentation will show how to set up HDR for the first time, failover and failback. We will also show how Connection Manager can be used to manage the application connections and how to configure automatic failover when the primary server becomes unavailable. The presentation will include a demonstration of the HDR setup and failover and recovery process.
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