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Presentation Title:   Highly Successful Performance Tuning of an Informix Database
Primary Speaker:   Tom Lehr
Bio:   Tom started his IT career as an Analyst at Werner Enterprises in 1998. After a few years, he switched to DBA work, starting with Access and SQL Server, and then moving into the Informix world soon after that.
In January 2014, our production Informix database server
was consistently running at 75-80 percent CPU utilization
and the upcoming version of a mission critical
application had an unknown performance issue that was
pegging the CPU at 100% in the test/QA Informix
environment. These issues were the catalyst for
developing metrics to help identify and resolve
performance problems. A structured monitoring process was
established; over the course of the year, tuning efforts
identified 80+ problems and the average CPU utilization
was reduced to less than 30 percent. A number of helpful
tools were developed which greatly assisted in the tuning
effort. These tools will be shared with attendees of this
or Panelists:
Brad Price