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Presentation Title:   Journey to the center of your Informix 4GL application
Primary Speaker:   Eric Vercelletto
Bio:   Eric Vercelletto wrote his first Informix 4GL codelines in 1986 for his own software development company. In 1991, he joined Informix France as a technical support, engines and 4GL trainer, then founding member of the consultancy department. He joined Informix Portugal where he stayed 5 more years. After 8 years as Technical Account Manager in Siebel Systems, then independent Siebel Administrator, he resolved to come back to the Informix community, where he now owns and runs in France a consulting company dedicated to IBM Informix technology.
Or how can present time developers demystify an application written in Informix 4GL by someone who will get retired within 6 months.

This presentation shows how to generate a complete and extremely useful documentation of your x4gl applications, so that it has no more secrets for your team, even if written 25 years ago.

A must-have presentation before considering any plan about your 4GL applications 20 years or more investment.
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