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Presentation Title:   Informix Tools and Toys
Primary Speaker:   Tom Beebe
Bio:   Thomas Beebe has been working with Informix for well over ten years. In that time he has worked extensively to help increase the awareness of open source programming languages and products inside of the Informix community while promoting Informix to the larger open source community. He can be generally found writing PHP, debugging perl, managing Linux systems or occasionally sleeping. He likes long walks on the beach and well documented API methods.
This session will cover a number of related tools and features introduced in or around Informix that may be of use. We will cover Node-red, the REST API, MongoDB API, as well as other relevant ways to access your data. All of these tools have been created or supported by IBM with the intent of making Informix a more accessible and flexible database solution. And the best part is they are all free.
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