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Presentation Title:   NoSQL Analytics: JSON Data Analysis and Acceleration in MongoDB World
Primary Speaker:   Shawn Moe
Bio:   Shawn Moe is a long time Informix’er, having worked in a variety of roles over 16+ years with the product family. He is currently based at the IBM lab in Lenexa, Kansas and serves as an architect at large in the Informix Competitive Technologies team, looking at SQL compatibility, application development, and tooling support in and around IDS. Recent Informix assignments have included postings in quality assurance, migration tooling, and most recently, with the Optim Data Studio product family.
MongoDB and other NoSQL solutions are designed for big
data processing. In analytics world, when you need to
process many millions or billions of documents to
generate a single report. Novel techniques have been
developed for exploiting modern processor architecture
(larger on-chip cache, SIMD processing, compression,
vector processing, columnar approach). Now, this
technology is available to process your large JSON data.

-- Basic overview of JSON data management.
-- Needs of Analytics queries on JSON data.
-- Overview of IBM in-memory accelerator
-- Using in-memory accelerator for JSON data
-- Demo/Performance discussion.

This talk will discuss analysis of JSON data using
advanced data warehousing techniques and make it simple
and seamless for the application/tool developer.
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