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Presentation Title:   Real implementation for secured environments
Primary Speaker:   Vicente Salvador
Bio:   Vicente studied Telecommunications Engineering at the Universitat Politécnica de Barcelona. He is the co- founder of DEISTER S.A., a technology company. He has worked with Informix since 1988: Standard Engine, Turbo, Online, IDS 7.X, 9.X, 10.X, 11.X and IWA. He also has years of experience installing, administering, and deploying Informix Databases and technologies. Vicente was a participant of Beta Test programs for Informix 10.0 and 11.50 and 12.10. He has experience with installing and administering Linux, Solaris, AIX and virtualization environments with VMware 4.1. Vicente is certified in: "Technical Sales Test for Informix Dynamic Server", "Informix Administrator 11.50" and "Linux Professional Institute Level 1 & 2". He has over 2500 satisfied customer Informix users. Vicente is the founder and current president of Spanish Informix User Group.
This presentation shows a real case implementation techniques for critical data storage in Informix instances. Some tricks about cryptography use and storage and secured communication. Also, this presentation covers performance impact of crypto data and completes two phase cryptography and dynamic key feeds.
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