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Presentation Title:   Leveraging Informix to Store IoT Sensor Data
Primary Speaker:   Andrea Martinez
Bio:   Andrea is the WW DST Chief Innovation Technical Officer and Internet of Things Solution Leader for the GBS Application Development and Innovation (AD&I) unit. Andrea works in Cloud Managed Services (CMS) for the DST, which is the owner of IBM's reference implementation of a private cloud, and offers application and test enablement services for IBM practitioners whom support the internal and commercial accounts. Andrea has lead the solution architecture, implementation and initial adoption of one of IBM's first DevOps Deployment Offerings. As a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and a certified Thought Leader in application architecture (and Open Group certified as a Distinguished Architect), Andrea is keenly interested in enabling and empowering practitioners with innovation and technology to deliver solutions faster. Andrea earned her bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Polytechnic University (Brooklyn, NY) and has 18+ years of service in IBM.
The Internet of Things brings more demand for enterprises to leverage the power of TimeSeries capabilities to handle the on slought of rapidly generated sensor data. Learn how to get Informix TimeSeries database firmly grounded as the center of your IoT solution. This session will review how to create IBM Bluemix application using the IoT Boilerplate, leverage the IoT Foundation gateway, and of course, using Informix to store sensor data.
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