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Presentation Title:   How to morph a Raspberry Pi 2 into a Powerful Sensor Data Cache and IoT Gateway
Primary Speaker:   Alexander Koerner
Bio:   Alexander Koerner is an Analytics Architect in the IBM Information Management Tech Sales organization, based in Munich, Germany. He currently focuses on making the Informix time series technology very successful in the E&U and Industry sector (e.g. Sensor Data Management for the Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 projects) and beyond. Alexander's activities include contributions to several IBM Redbook publications and delivers presentations at local and global conferences.
In the Internet of Things those 'things' will produce an
avalanche of time stamped sensor data.

Cloud based IT environments like IBM's Bluemix are a great way of handling such data.

But is there really a need to transfer and to store all
of the raw sensor data into the cloud? Wouldn't it
make sense for some use cases to do some kind of
sensor data pre-processing, like cleansing and/or
data aggregation close to the 'things' in order to
make the best use out of the given communication
bandwidth and latency into the cloud?

That session will teach you how you can morph a common
Raspberry Pi2 into a powerful IoT edge gateway by using IBM's Informix sensor data technology in combination with NODE-Red, MQTT and IBM's Bluemix with its IoT Foundation service.

That session includes a live demo of processing real sensor data on a Raspberry Pi2.
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