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Presentation Title:   HOL - Building an End-to-End Solution for Evaluating Sensor Data using IoT-Gateway and IBM's Bluemix
Primary Speaker:   Alexander Koerner
Bio:   Alexander Koerner is an Analytics Architect in the IBM Information Management Tech Sales organization, based in Munich, Germany. He currently focuses on making the Informix time series technology very successful in the E&U and Industry sector (e.g. Sensor Data Management for the Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 projects) and beyond. Alexander's activities include contributions to several IBM Redbook publications and delivers presentations at local and global conferences.
A common problem of many Internet of Things (IoT)
applications is the need to collect measurements from a
large number of diverse sensors, aggregate these
measurements, store and analyze them, and execute actions
based on this. An IoT application can be greatly improved
by using an edge (or IoT-) gateway for preprocessing the

This hands-on lab will demonstrate how easy it is to
create an application which provides these
functionalities with the IoT foundation on Bluemix. It
will be shown how Node-RED and MQTT can be used in
combination with an edge device to collect and transform
data, and how IBM Informix Timeseries can be used to
aggregate, store, and analyze these data. and how those
data can be combined with JSON documents.

The attendees will have the chance to work with live
sensor data, setup and configure an Informix based IoT
gateway to read, store and aggregate the data, send the
aggregated data into IBM's IoT Foundation (an IBM Bluemix
service) and finally visualize those data with a simple
JavaScript application in Bluemix.
or Panelists:
Andreas Weininger