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Presentation Title:   Don't make your Informix static - developers do's and don'ts tips
Primary Speaker:   Alexandre Marini
Bio:   Alexandre started working with Informix as a 4GL developer 14 years ago. As soon as he finished his specialization in Database Administration, he was given the opportunity to start working as an Informix DBA, for a local state government financial agency. Two years ago he moved to Sao Paulo, where he had the opportunity to work with Mr. Miguel Carbone, at MC Software (IBM partner), and then at a telecommunications company (Cleartech). He is now the only Informix DBA at Orizon Brasil, a health care company, where Informix systems are responsible for nearly 5 million health insurance authorizations per month, lasting less than 0.5 seconds each, from the moment that user inputs data, until the complete response is received into it´s screen, printer, or POS. His basic work responsibilities are managing all company Informix instances, with HDR, ER, and SDS features, performance tuning, monitoring application errors and transaction times, monitoring backups, improving database instances to speed up transactions, application of best practices to ease administration, and reduce outage at minimum levels. This year he has joined MC (Miguel Carbone's IBM partner) team at MC Software, and works with several small to big projects, in several areas. He is also the BRIUG - Brazilian Informix User Group website administrator, and works to spread translated news, and share knowledge to the Brazilian community.
This presentation guides applications developers to build a
better understandable code, easing maintenance code, and
database schemas flexible code.

We have compiled several tips from our clients and cases to
suggest simple changes that can save developers and DBAs
time, in coding or database maintenance.

All materials were prepared and tested in 4GL, but are neither limited to that specific language nor any database
connection kind.
or Panelists:
Miguel Carbone