Keynote Speaker

Rob Thomas, Vice President, Product Development, IBM Analytics, IBM

Big Data Revolution and Machine Learning

Data is transforming every industry, whether you are a retailer, financial services firm, a physician, or a farmer. The winners in the data era will be decided by those that can move the fastest along the big data maturity curve. There are 3 business models for the Data era, and every organization must make a conscious decision on which one they choose.

Companies achieve big data leadership by rapidly transforming their skills and learning how to automate the application of analytics through machine learning. The Big Data Revolution will highlight the winners, describe why they are winning, and offer a practical approach for accelerating your organization to Big Data leadership.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJerry Keesee, Director of Product Management for Database and Data Warehouse, IBM

Looking across Data, Cloud, and Engagement

Looking across Data, Cloud, and Engagement, Informix already brings a great deal to the table – by providing the platform to build cognitive solutions and make the right business decision quickly and efficiently.

IBM’s continuing investments reinforce these strategic elements. The foremost being our industry leading, enterprise class database engine – capable of handling huge amounts and a variety of data efficiently and serving our broad install base. And these strengths play well into extending our capabilities into strategic markets for cloud and the internet of things.